At Jenkins Slate Masters Inc. we offer slate, tile and copper roofing services, ornamental slate work and slate siding installation.  Scroll through the descriptions and photos below for a better understanding of the work we offer. If you have questions about a specific project feel free to contact us at (814)-786-7496 or email



Slate, Tile and Copper Roofing            

  • Maintenance - The majority of our work consists of maintaining the slate roofs located in Western Pennsylvania and into Eastern Ohio. This normally consists of repairing broken, damaged or poorly repaired slates and replacing old flashings (i.e. chimney, valley, ridge, sewer vent flashings).  

  • Complete roof restoration - Though small jobs are welcome we do prefer to complete full roof restorations of the existing slate by removing any damaged, broken, or missing slates and old, worn-out flashings. 

  • New installation - New slate comes in many shapes, sizes, thicknesses and colors, and has characteristics aesthetically unparalleled by any other roof. If installed correctly slate roofs will last centuries and can easily cost less than any other roofing product over the lifetime of the building.  









Custom Copper Work & Copper Flashing Replacement

  • Barrel Dormers

  • Valleys

  • Double Lock Standing Seam Copper

  • Chimneys 

  • Vent pipes 

  • Step flashing and Counter flashing 

  • Ridge metal

  • Basins

  • Snow Aprons

  • Flat-Lock Solder Seam Copper (on low slope roof areas)

















Chimney Repair

  • Rebuilding

  • Chimney Top Removal

  • Chimney caps 

  • Tuck Pointing

  • Cricket framing





Gutters & Downspouts

  • External copper gutters

  • Relining box gutters








Snow Guards & Snow Rails

  • Snow rail and snow guard installation of all shapes and sizes (snow guards and rails keep snow from avalanching off of your roof causing damage to people or possessions located below the roof line). 





Lighting Protection

  • Installation of lighting rods and cables






Ornamental Slate Work  

  • Custom signs, shapes, symbols, animals, family surnames, patterns, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to ornamental slate work.


  • Ornamental slate work is almost none existent in North America unlike the European market. It's a very skilled craft with only a few known ornamental slaters in all of North America. It's a very slow, time consuming process which renders a product that is waterproof and that will last many generations.





Slate Siding

  • Custom slate siding - Slate siding will last centuries and will never need painted, oiled or stained. It's not normally thought of as a siding material because of its expense and weight, but it can be installed in certain applications.